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branding identity packages

branding identity packages


The process of making your audience aware of your company, event, exhibit, or product. It’s not just a logo, some stationery and a web site anymore. More is the norm that we help bring to life interiors with signage, social media with specific style, and create guidelines to keep your media-savvy support crew consistent in how they represent your brand.

Originally, the word did come from branding – as in “to brand” livestock. Branding was done to differentiate one person’s cows from another person’s cows with a distinctive symbol. Sound familiar? Not sure what Nannerdog would have thought about having a mark burned into fur, but for sure she distinguished herself well from others.

bottom line

bottom round things

It’s old advertising speak, but breaking through the clutter in more important and happens in more varied ways than ever before. Whatever you working on – an exhibit, an event, a new business or an old business that needs a lift – there are branding strategies that can work for you.

Your defined brand isn’t an intangible asset as some might say. It’s where you face your peeps. We can help you do that in a solid, appropriate, confident manner and have fun in the creative process.


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March 16, 2015