Frequently Asked Questions

Do I get a copy of the files associated with my project?2018-10-11T12:06:22+00:00

It depends. Generally speaking, if we complete a logo or identity package project for your organization, we will provide a digital style guide that includes several height, width, and color variations of the logo, a limited number of complementary graphics completed during the initial project, as well as basic file format variations such as .gif, .jpg, and .pdf. Complex design projects, such as brochures, invitations, campaigns, photographs, and collateral require additional buyout rights to receive working files unless otherwise specified.

Is it possible for a project to go over budget or past a deadline?2018-10-11T12:06:03+00:00

To ensure that all of our client projects move on time and on budget, your statement of work will include soft deadlines that help keep both parties informed of expected deliverables. Occasionally, clients have experienced unanticipated tangent factors (such as major revisions, shifts in direction, or corporate intervention) that significantly extend or increase the scope and timeline of project beyond the original terms. If we suspect that the project may be in danger of exhausting its original resources or going over budget, we will work with you to revise the statement of work or extend the budget.

What should I have ready to begin working on my project?2018-10-11T12:05:39+00:00

Nannerdog & Associates is by nature a communication group, so naturally we’re big proponents of open and honest dialogue. Once we begin working together, we will send a project onboarding survey that will serve as a guide to launch the creative process. We will do our best to communicate our process, timeline, and intentions to you, and in return, we appreciate timely and thoughtful responses to help us capture and deliver your expectations as efficiently and accurately as possible. Be sure to inform us of any critical deadlines, sensitive subjects, proprietary issues, etc. that should be considered throughout the course of the project.

How long will it take to complete my project and how much notice do you require?2018-10-11T12:05:17+00:00

Your Nannerdog and Associates project manager will assess the needs of your request, including time-sensitive deadlines, and offer an estimated turnaround time based on our current project schedule.

We remain respectful of all clients (including you!), and we ask for advanced noticed commensurate with the size of the project. We understand that surprises arise in any work environment and will do our best to accommodate all reasonable requests, but we may occasionally require additional rush fees if after-hours or overtime hours are required to meet a tight deadline.

What is included in the project fee?2018-10-11T12:04:53+00:00

Once the initial consultation is complete, Nannerdog & Associates will provide a detailed statement of work that outlines the project scope, including consultation time, estimated hours for research and execution, number of revisions, deliverables, and timelines. Production costs of collateral materials are not typically included our fees, but we work with a team of preferred developers, production specialists, and promotional distributors to fulfill these requests on time and on budget. We are also happy to work with your own print, web, and content partners, but you will be responsible for handling any printing, billing, or delivery issues once we have completed our portion of the project.

What does my initial consultation include?2018-10-11T12:04:32+00:00

Nannerdog & Associates offers a complimentary one-hour consultation with a project manager and/or creative team member to help us get to know each other. We want to learn as much as possible about your organization’s history, goals, successes, and challenges. We’ll discuss details about the proposed project and answer any questions that you might have about working with us. If we mutually agree that we’re a good fit for one another, Nannerdog & Associates will send a project proposal and estimate for you to review. Once we receive a signed proposal, the real work can begin!

How much does working with Nannerdog & Associates cost?2018-10-11T12:04:13+00:00

Based on your needs we will recommend fee-based or project-based pricing. Having an on-call creative, marketing team is best for most clients. Projects can vary tremendously in size and scope; we evaluate each project request on a case by case basis and price accordingly.

We want to partner with organizations that are eager to invest in their marketing. This means when you are ready to take that step, we will evaluate your needs and your specified budget. We can offer tiered proposals that address immediate needs first and allow for future expansions and recommendations as the project progresses.

What is a Nannerdog?2018-10-11T12:03:55+00:00

You’ve probably heard that when you enter the professional world, you should swap out your college hotstuff@myfirstemailaddress.com for something more distinguished. Nannerdog was a mushy-sweet (like a banana) dalmatian who became the first official Associate back in the mid 1990s. She inspired the email handle that ubiquitously followed the dial-up screech/”you’ve got mail” combo. Leave it to creative folks to ignore their own advice! Although Nannerdog has since moved on to that great creative suite in the sky, she has a pretty- great pack of new Associates carrying on her legacy.

What type of organization is an ideal client for Nannerdog & Associates?2018-10-11T12:03:23+00:00

Most of our clients are small to medium size businesses, although we definitely do our fair share of marketing and creative development for larger regional and national companies and nonprofit organizations. We have worked with clients in just about every industry imaginable, and we have subject matter experts trained in highly-regulated fields such as education, financial services, and healthcare.

Some clients have few to no resources dedicated to marketing and creative services, and others have fully-functioning teams that are simply overwhelmed by their day-to-day responsibilities. We can function as your creative partner, extension of your marketing department, or remote communications team. As we develop a greater understanding of your brand identity and voice, the relationship between our team and yours becomes seamless, optimizing efficiency and efficacy over time.

Why should I hire a creative, marketing team?2018-10-11T11:37:48+00:00

The Nannerdog & Associates team hails from a variety of professional backgrounds, including advertising agencies, in-house corporate marketing and public relations divisions, and project management teams. As a result, we offer the creative skill sets of a design agency, but with personalized service customized to fit a variety of projects and budgets. We keep up with current marketing and design trends and solutions, ultimately saving you time and money by combining our expertise to serve as a virtual superhero employee.





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