“Successful people never worry about what others are doing.”
– Oprah Winfrey


Laurie Wilson is an accomplished professional photographer with experience in portrait, family, wedding, corporate, and editorial photography. For nearly a decade, she has produced award-winning work for clients throughout the United States. Whether shooting images for family portrait sessions or events, professional headshots, or corporate identity packages, Laurie has an innate ability to find meaning in the mundane and surpass expectations in any assignment.

Her approach to photography has never been to just ‘make a pretty picture,’ but rather to harness glorious light, tie it to a beautiful, fleeting moment, and create little time capsules for her clients. She wants to move something in you when you look at your images. Laurie sincerely respects the power in all styles of photography, but my passion isn’t found in cute Pinterest posing, in the perfect outfit, or the ‘Say Cheese’ smile – but rather in documenting the raw, natural beauty that sometimes reveals itself *only* in candor.

Pizza lover

zero calories on days ending in Y

Extroverted introvert

Shorty, won’t find me at the club!

Married to Gaston

…or at least his lookalike

Java junkie

don’t even try talking to me without it.

Jim Morrison devotee

Come on, baby.