“There are many ways to be free. One of them is to transcend reality by imagination, as I try to do.”
– Anais Nin


Rachel is an introvert continuously thrust into an extroverted world, which is how she found her love for writing. Rachel’s superpower is her ability to create illusions through words, and she is a multitasking magician who excels at creating order out of chaos.

Rachel often balances the world of sales with the world of creativity through her various professional endeavors. She works symbiotically with the design team to develop branding, create and refine web content, along with a variety of other marketing materials, all while working hard to find new clients and projects. As the Director of Client Relations for a local Chamber of Commerce, Rachel is accustomed to helping small businesses succeed and brings a unique awareness of the needs of independent business owner to the Nannerdog team. She values the process of getting to know her clients and their intended audiences, ensuring that the content she creates results in a genuine connection between the two.

Paranormal Enthusiast

Next up, Waverly Hills Sanatorium…

Cat Whisperer

evil kitties are my specialty

Horror Movie Junkie

I’ve never met a B-Horror movie I didn’t love!

Aspiring Beach Bum

commence with sand, surf, and a cocktail

Dyslexia Advocate

give a grammar snob a dyslexic daughter and watch her world grow.